Dezincification of thin-gauge steel plate scrap opens up new horizons for the steel industry


Factory plate scrap from the automotive industry and zinc are now recyclable at product level. Dezicification leads to scrap which is free from organics, metallic layers and oil. Steelworks can now produce with significantly reduced furnace slag, dust and waste gas output. Furthermore, they may reuse their smelting dusts with high iron content – instead of sending them to landfill, as it was previously the case.


More than three million tonnes per annum of galvanised, thin-gauge scrap plate in Germany contains over 60,000 tonnes of zinc –

10% of the total amount used.


The PROASSORT decoating plant technology is applicable for both factory production scrap and old scrap. A dezincing production line starts being cost-effective with an annual throughput rate of 150,000 tonnes per annum and higher.