hydrometallurgy in-line

Decoating Plant technology

The PROASSORT decoating process is based on vibrating conveyors in combination with advanced chemical process technology.



  • Long lasting, rugged high-grade steel body construction
  • Excellent electro-chemical process conditions
  • SIMATIC S7 fully automated process chain control
  • High-speed, reliable and continuous material flow rates
  • Picklung process operates with industrial standard chemicals
  • High flexibility to varying feedstock
  • Easy flow rate dosing
  • Low maintainance requirements
  • Energy-efficient, low-maintenance power train
  • Efficient chemicals dosing by automated feed stations
  • Pickled material is free from metallic layers, organics and dirt
  • Significant carbon footprint reduction due to closed loop recycling
  • Sale of tin precipitate (TIN GRAIN) covers operational costs
  • High added value
  • ROI average: < 3 years


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Green Market Change - Article from PROASSORT in "Econet China" (06/2019)
In the June 2019 edition of the trade journal "Econet Monitor China - Green Markets & Climate Change", the CEO of PROASSORT, Dr.-Ing. Hans-Bernd Pillkahn, published an article about circular metals economy as a recycling solution for Chinas scrap metal challenge.
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