TIN Grain

Tin (IV) Oxide    Granulated Material

TIN GRAIN is a high-purity metal oxide granulate gained from the decoating process of tin-coated copper or brass.


Chemical Characteristics:

  • Dry Granulate
  • Tin Content ~70 %
  • Colour: Lime Green
  • Grain Size ~1 to 3 mm
  • Residual Moisture: ~20 %
  • Easy Flow, Non-Dusty, Non-Sticky
  • Low Sulfur Content





TIN GRAIN is gained out of the waste pickle liquor.  Due to this treatment, the durability of the etching bath is enhanced. This means lower process costs because of reduced base chemical input.


TIN GRAIN can be sold as a byproduct to provide added value. It helps to keep the scare ressource of tin inside your controlled supply chain. Tin imports and the dependance on international tin sellers can be reduced. At the same time, the market price volatility risk is lowered.


TIN GRAIN may help you to step into a circular metals economy and closed loop recycling.


Scope of Application

  • Tin Smeltery Works
  • Tin Converting Industry
  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Ressource Hedging


The TIN GRAIN production process can be integrated directly into the PROASSORT decoating process chain.


The chemical properties of the granulate can be adapted to fit customers requirements.